Friday, August 12, 2005

Hunger Strike!!! Day 7: Health. Headway.

Deomonstrating at the Holocaust Museum.

Health? No problems. Truly. Am I depleting? Yes. Am I hungry? Yes. Any signs of damage? NONE. I am intending to do NO DAMAGE!!! I'll stop when I sense any signs. Hydrating? YES. Vitamin, potassium, salt every day.

Headway? There have been many wellwishers on the street. One dear lady cried as I told her of what is happening. Many students at the STAND CONFERENCE have been coming by to talk. Quite a few emails are coming in, offering encouragement, asking how they can help. One emailer wants to join the Strike!!!

A highlight? The youth leader conference of 250 students in STAND from around the country was at the Holocaust museum today. It is jointly sponsored by the Holocaust Museum, Rebock and mTV. About 5pm this guy comes out. Turns out he is the guy doing the mTV shoot. He says, "I've just interviewed 20 of the students, and 10 of them talked about what you are doing. Can we do an interview?" We did, for about 20 minutes. At the end he says, "These folks HAVE TO HEAR FROM YOU!"

Yes, I seem to be making some tiny headway. :-)

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