Monday, August 15, 2005

Hunger Strike!!! Day 11A: STAND CONF., etc

I'm trying to spend most of my time demonstrating (commitment/urgency) so there is not much energy left to write. But there are important things to communicate so here goes:

GEORGETOWN U: Saturday and Sunday thru mid afternoon (Days 9 & 10) were spent at the STAND (Students Taking Action Now: Darfur) conference at Georgetown U. It was awesome. Truly. Fatally flawed, but truly awesome and hopeful. The intelligence, schooling, high level of involvement by all (sessions were packed at 9am Sat. and Sun. 9AM!!!!!). organization, knowledge, preparation.... Utterly astonishing.

The fatally flawed part. Well, I've written about the broader subject. There is an old expression that loosely applies here - success is 10% preparation and 90% perspiration. The Heavenly news is that these folks have: fine character, extreme intelligence, incredible schooling and skills, connections, the Internet, financial resources.... HOWEVER, THIS ALSO IS THE BAD NEWS. Why? Because, so far, although I saw glimerings of awakening on Sunday, they DELUDE THEMSELVES THAT THIS WILL BE NEARLY ENOUGH!!!! IT WILL NOT!!!!! HEAD WILL NOT SAVE DARFUR. HEART/HUMANITY WILL RESCUE AND RESTORE DARFUR. Am I criticizing, putting down individuals? No. I am awed by the individuals. BUT THERE IS A BLIND SPOT. AND UNLESS THAT BLINDSPOT IS ELIMINATED IMMEDIATELY, SO WILL BE OUR FAMILY IN DARFUR. These 250 young, humane, well intended leaders at Georgetown are our greatest hope by far. If they fail, we're out of time, we're out of hope. More specifics on what is needed in previous, and in the next posts. (FAMILY EMERGENCY RESPONSE; WE ARE THE EVIDNECE/MESSAGE/DEMONSTRATION OF THE DARFUR DISASTER (how powerful are we as the evidence/message/demonstration?)).

DUPONT CIRCLE: Sunday afternoon and evening till 9pm was awesome. A VERY IMPORTANT ACTION OPPORTUNITY is to get 400,000 signatures by September 7th!!! (PLEASE take your friends to NOW!!!!). About 8 of us from the conference went and collected between 400 and 600 signatures!!!!

Yes, collecting signatures on a petition is just a drop in the bucket, HOWEVER, in this case, it is ONE of the things we can do! A 1000 mile trip begins with 1 step.

Agape, Jay

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